Embedded Computers ...

... run essential processes we rely on:

energy and utilities, industrial production and mobility.

Cyber Threats ...

... endanger the integrity, reliable operation, safety and information security of critical processes.

ProtectEM ...

... offers guidance and holistic solutions to defend against cyber threats and ensure reliable and stable products and operations.

Plan: Risk Analysis

Risk assessment using a Cyber-FMEA process. <\h1> This is
more information.

Do: Measures according to IEC 62443

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Grzemba

Andreas has been strongly involved in shaping today's landscape of automotive and building automation communication systems. He is author of several books on automotive networks and numerous papers. As Vice President of Applied Research and Technology Transfer at Deggendorf Institute of Technology he is instrumental in driving the university's technology and innovation strategies. As managing partner he drives ProtectEM's operations and technology strategy.



Prof. Dr. Peter Fröhlich

Peter has held management and executive positions with key players in industrial automation and industrial networking. His visions and strategic drive has helped employers and clients to advance their innovation leadership positions. Peter teaches embedded systems and innovation management as dean of the mechanical enginering and mechatronics department at  Deggendorf Institute of Technology. As managing partner Peter accounts for ProtectEM's sales, marketing and finances.